Time to Start Making New Habits!

As the summer starts to turn to the fall, we all start to think of getting back to our regular routine for September. All the kids go back to school the summer vacations end and reality comes back ad we try to start making new healthy habits.

Oh how I will miss these views! There’s just nothing like sitting by the lake all summer! 


So, How to we go back to our regular routine from a summer of going with the flow and doing whatever you want? 

I always start with a plan!

How do you start this? What do you put on a schedule or plan? What is important? aNd what is not? 

Well, here is my plan!

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.10.04 PM

I always start with the basics of the day, the mandatory items! This includes things like work, appointments, events you agreed to attend, weekly sports events, etc. For me, I add the following: 

  • Work
  • Soccer
  • School / Classes I take
  • Medical Appointments, etc. 

After this, I add this things I plan on doing – for me, this includes the gym! This is something that is not mandatory to do, but you would like to do. Maybe this means a community group you like to attend, a fitness group at the gym you like to attend, or just a weekly meetup with girlfriends. 

Next, I add my sleep time! This is very important for me! As most people, if I do not sleep enough, I do not function the net day! So, I ensure I plan this in to my schedule. This way, I actually remember to go to bed on time and get a good nights sleep! 



So what’s next now? 

Follow the plan! Get your butt out of bet every morning and follow everything that is planned! 

Thee best part? This starts over every week! If something did not work out one week as planned, then change it! This is your plan and it is meant to work for you! Only put things you will actually do on this plan. If you put things that are unrealistic, the plan will never work. I know I will never wake up at 5am and go to the gym before work, so I would never include this! I also know I need add least 7hrs of sleep a night to function. 

This is your plan and your future! Make sure this fits your life! 

What do you like to do in your weekly routine? What is important to you? We would love to know what is important to your daily life! 

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