All Planned Out…

Well I am all prepared to start my healthy journey on Wednesday! I know January 1st is is usually the start of most weight loss journeys, but I know tomorrow is going to he a hectic day, hanging out with family, so I will try to stick to a healthy regimen, (eat healthy and go to the gym), but I am not going to hold myself to starting my plan tomorrow.

I have made my healthy eating plan: I am a very simple person, so I usually eat the same things for breakfast, snacks and lunch every day, but I change up my dinner every day. Then, once a week, I change up my breakfast, lunch and snacks as per whatever I am feeling for that week. What is key to keeping on track with an eating plan, while tracking calories through an app like My Fitness Pal, is to measure EVERYTHING! The only way to make sure you are entering accurate information into the app, it to measure! Your kitchen scale will become your best friend!

I have also planned for Sunday to be my reflection day. On this day, I will take some time and reflect on my past week, what went well and what I want to change for the coming week. I believe this is important to keep me on track and remind myself why I am doing this. If I get off track as well, it is a point where I can reset myself for the better. During this time, I will plan out my meals for the next week and my overall schedule- when I will go to the gym, when I will got for walks, etc. I am a very planned person, so this really helps me keep on track.

Tomorrow, I will be doing my official start weight and measurements. This is important to declare your starting point. Stay tuned for more information on this!

Have a Great Happy New Year!


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