Welcome everyone! My name is Jenn and I am a 27 year old Canadian in Southwestern Ontario. I have live here all my life, and am very proud to be Canadian! Recently, I have gone through some life changes, including taking some time off to focus on my mental health, and this has now sparked my attention to focus on my whole body health. I used to work as a manager in a busy food factory and put all my time and energy into my job. I literally spent every waking minute working. Unfortunately, this has caused me to lose a lot of friends, so the only thing I really had left in my life was work.

After deciding to take some time off, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and talking to people around me, and I have realized there are tons of people just like me. I have focused on my career so much that I no longer enjoy my work, I have ignored my health, and now am overweight. As I have studied nutrition in university, I know how to lose weight and improve my health, and I know how to help others to make these changes.

Now, I would like to invite you to follow me through my process of moving my life back to basics – improving my diet, exercise regime and changing my mental state.

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